Client:  Reading Borough Council

Detail:  We undertook a comprehensive assessment of the effects of ongoing and planned housing developments on existing community infrastructure in the borough, including schools, health centres, nurseries, community centres, parks and leisure facilities, and libraries.


Key actvities:
  • Researching population change against a 10 year development pipeline
  • Demographic and deprivation indices assessments across the study area
  • Detailed appraisal of the suitability and deficiency of 34 council-owned sites
  • Identifying current and future capacity issues in meeting changing levels of local demand
  • Strategic appraisal of options to secure connected regenerative potential of new housing developments to benefit existing local communities
  • Impact assessment report for the borough Council and its key stakeholders
  • Community Infrastructure Database including capacity, suitability and deficiency appraisals for 34 target sites
  • Action plan to support the development of greater linkages between local neighbourhood centres and key housing developments

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